November 13, 2010

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    Archaeological Consultants & Contactors

    Phew! Finally got the website done for the Toronto Archaeological company that I've been working on all summer. Work and life got so busy that it took longer than expected. BUT, it turned out awesome nonetheless. You can see it here. A big thanks to my friend Maddie too for all the hard work on the design.

    Now that I'm done that project, it's off to AUSTRALIA on Wednesday!! My big sister is getting married at the end of November so my family and I are off for the grueling 22hr flight to Sydney. We'll be there for about 2 1/2 weeks. I'll be lucky enough to go back to the Great Barrier Reef, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and see old friends from high school. Will post some pics when I get back!

    august 4, 2010

    OK, I know, I know I've been terrible with the updates. I started working full time with the Ontario Government right after I finished school in January. I've been working to pay off the OSAP and doing freelance on the side.

    Currently, I'm working on a new website for a local Toronto Archaeological Contractor. I'm working on the programming and my friend Maddie Hewson is the designer for the project. Will post it when we're finished!

    Hope you're enjoying every bit of summer like I am!!

    december 23, 2009

    I made a few changes to! Just a few little changes that should make it more "socially" friendly. More changes to come when I get a free minute!

    The Ryde

    september 8, 2009

    Starting web development! So I'm going back to school AGAIN!! I just cant get enough of the stuff it seems...don't ask me why, I really don't know what it is that keeps drawing me back. Is it the 24/7 work? The constant stress? Or is it the no money?? I guess its all 3. And add in there the constant learning new things every day and I get suckered in!

    Low and behold I'm back again for a certificate in Web Development. Should be a fun year!

    april 30, 2009

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    Sony Work 1

    march 09, 2009

    I scored an internship with Sony Music Canada!! I get to do my 7 week internship at a place I’ve always dreamed of working at!! So excited! I’ll be working in the New Media department with 3 other people and I can’t wait to see what kind of new things I’ll be learning!

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